In this work package, detailed finite element models for a basic bolted connection will be developed and implemented. Such detailed models can be used as sub models in larger assemblies, in cases where the simplified approaches lack the required details to allow an accurate prediction of the fatigue life by means of the developed extended damage model in WP4. In addition to the numerical simulations, fatigue tests will be performed to assess the effect of different parameters (like pre-tension, surface condition and coating, bolt flange geometry, …) on fretting fatigue in bolted connections.


  • Investigate and assess the accuracy of detailed finite element models of HSS bolted joints (including damage). These detailed models can be used as sub models in larger assemblies in cases where the simplified models of WP6 lack the necessary details for an adequate fatigue evaluation. The detailed models will be constructed with varying degree of complexity (e.g. with and without damage).
  • Conduct a sensitivity analysis using these detailed FE models to investigate the impact of certain parameters like pre-tension, surface finish and bolt head flange geometry on the fatigue life of the joint.
  • Conduct a sensitivity analysis to investigate the influence of the bolt pre-tension and of the surface finish on the fretting fatigue of a basic bolted connection.
  • Conduct a fracture analysis of selected joint geometries.